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Wedding Dove Release Ceremony


Dove releases are a wonderful way to celebrate the love that joins you. Inserted into the ceremony after the kiss, the symbolism of the two doves winging off together into the clouds is a wonderful visual representation of everyone’s wishes for you. If you use this small ceremony, forever after when you see doves, you will remember your beloved, the promises you made and the joy you have in one another’s company.

Here are some things about doves that can deepen the meaning of your wedding vows and empower your marriage. If you incorporate some or all of these into your vows, you’ll live more happily in marriage. I will say that I haven’t seen a lot of poetry or prose about the doves that isn’t terribly romantic. If you’re a less flowery person, you may have to do some writing yourself, or get your officiant to help you.


  • Doves mate for life. Not a lot more to say about that!


  • When they’re in the cage together, they spend a lot of time preening and cooing. Physical contact, not only lovemaking (though of course also lovemaking), is an important component to keeping the marriage vital. Touch one another, rub one another’s feet, go get a cup of tea (or even a beer) for one another. And it’s not only about giving comfort and being solicitous; it’s about being willing to receive those things as well. Don’t shut yourself off from your lover. Giving and receiving little acts of kindness, repeated, add wonderful strength to a marriage. And enjoyment!


  • When they leave the cage, it takes them a while to get their bearings, and then they head off in the same direction, but each on his or her own flight path. One person can’t make a marriage. Marriage depends on the strength of the individuals to create a strong marriage. This is why the notion of one-ness is misleading. Your strengths may complement your beloved’s (ok, and sometimes war with theirs), you may even be able to compensate for a lack of strength for some amount of time, but, in the long run, you must each hold your own. Watching the doves take off leaves no illusions that both birds are beautiful and powerful.


  • They are beautiful. All hearts are beautiful. Even if your physical body is not strong, your spirit soars. To reap the benefits of marriage, you must allow yourselves to soar in one another’s company.


  • They clearly enjoy the flight. You’re committing yourselves to one another for the long haul. Why not commit yourself not only to the work and the struggle, but also to the fun and frivolity involved in sharing a life. Laughter and pleasure make the time fly by and give you resources for when life is difficult.


  • As a memorial.  You can have a caged dove sitting in the chair of where the loved one would be, and during the remembrance, you can open the cage and allow the dove to be released.

The doves are eager to fly home (which they do very quickly, people won’t usually take their birds more than an hour from home) because dinner is waiting. So you don’t need to worry about bird poop! (and who wouldn’t!) And these days most handlers simply have you open the doors and not touch the birds, so the birds don’t get nervous. You want to make sure that your symbols of happiness are well treated!


It is definitely a wonderful way to add a WOW factor to your wedding!! Check out unity types of ceremonies, rose ceremony, and the butterfly release!


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Charleston Wedding Officiant and Minister Video

Charleston Wedding Officiant



You Tube Video: Charleston Wedding Officiant


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Real Weddings Charleston SC September 2012

Over the past several blogs, I have been in “teaching” mode.  I wrote blogs on many aspects of the wedding aisle.  This week, I want to take a moment to reflect on September’s weddings!  I want to share the love of these special couples with you!  The easiest way is in chronological order!

I was blessed with 2 weddings on September 1, 2012.

The first is Kevonda & Jeremey at Waterfront Park.  Of course, they received a military discount!


The couple wrote their own vows.  The emotional impact  is amazing!  One of Jeremey’s vows, was that “I will always be there to support you, make you smile, and wipe any tear away.”  When Kevonda started to say her vows, she was overcome with emotions, and when the tear fell, Jeremey was true to his vow, and wiped that tear away!




The second wedding on September 1, 2012 was on Sullivan’s Island with Elizabeth, John, and Summer.


It was a beautiful sunset wedding!

Elizabeth was sweet enough to leave me this testimonial!  “Penny was FANTASTIC! Penny came through amazingly on my very last minute arrangement!! She had an amazing vision for my beach wedding and brought it to life. Great communication from the first phone call. She had great ideas to make for beautiful photos! Short and sweet was my ceremony and she even gave military discount! We will cherish our special day forever thanks to Penny!”  Thanks, Elizabeth!!

September 8, 2012, I performed 3 weddings across the area!

The first wedding took place on Folly Beach!  This is Will and Jennifer!

They traveled with friends and family from Florida to have their wedding on Folly Beach!

I want to give a shout out to Sarah Holder Photography, who rushed to Charleston from across the state to capture this couple’s special moments!!  Thanks, Sarah!!

The second wedding on September 8, 2012 was at Magnolia Plantation!

Allison and Jason gave me the ultimate compliment.  They attended Jason’s twin brother’s wedding 4 months prior to their wedding, and decided to hire me based on my performance and personality!

Since I already knew the groom’s family from the previous wedding, it was like a family reunion for me!

The last wedding was supposed to take place at White Point Gardens.  However, the rain forced us indoors.

Charleston Place was gracious enough to allow the elopement at no cost!

Pedro dips Megan for a kiss!

Megan had these kind words to say, “Penny was great!! She helped us on very short notice (my husband and I eloped, and she was available within 2 weeks!), and even worked through some awful weather…we had to move our ceremony to a hotel downtown due to storms. She was very professional and a lot of fun when it came to picture time. Neither of us had any clue about poses, and she came up with some fun and creative ideas!”

September 18, 2012, I had the pleasure marrying Corey and Rebecca at White Point Gardens.  The couple is shy, and requested I do not post their photos.  They ordered my Fall Special Package, and this is a Reynolds Treasures bouquet!

On September 19, 2012, I traveled to Hilton Head for Chris and John’s wedding!

This is the first beach wedding that the couple wanted to be IN the water!

We had a great time with the ceremony, as well as taking photos around the beach.

My favorite part of the wedding, was just getting to know this awesome couple!  I truly enjoy being a wedding officiant, but even more importantly, getting to know the people I marry!

“Penny was amazing. I was very skeptical planning a wedding with someone on the internet. I could not have made a better choice. Penny traveled to Hilton Head to marry us, in the water. Photos were wonderful. I would recommend her to anyone. She made our special day even more special.” Chris posted as a review of my services.  I am humbled.

September 22, 2012 wedding was long-awaited!  Yasmine hired me for her wedding about 14 months prior to the event!  During that time we communicated through Facebook, emails, and Pinterest!

The DIY Rustic wedding took place at a beautiful barn in Fountain Inn, SC called The Luv Shack!

Yasmine and Daniel are such a wonderful couple and a pleasure to know and work with.

And their sense of humor kept me laughing!!  Congratulations!!

September 23, 2012, I joined together Shawta and Jermie in North Charleston.

What a beautiful family!  The following was posted by Shawta, “Penny was the best! She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed on my big day! She is consistent, professional and great at what she does!”

September 27, 2012 Michael and Leslie were wed at White Point Gardens in the gazebo!

They chose to include a Rose Ceremony in their personalized wedding ceremony.

We went around the park taking some photos…

This couple traveled from Indiana to Charleston for their beautiful elopement!

My favorite photo is the kiss under the “heart tree”!!!

September 28, 2012 I was blessed to have 2 weddings!

Phair and LaiQuania had their commitment ceremony in North Charleston!

We worked together for over 6 months to make this a perfect joyous occasion!

The second wedding on September 28, 2012 took place on Sullivan’s Island!!

Yes, another great sunset wedding!!

Michelle and Jeremy traveled to Charleston from Greenville, SC for their elopement!

They met in Charleston years ago.

First kiss as husband and wife!

Another bouquet by Reynolds Treasures!!

The last wedding of the month took place on September 29, 2012 with Travis and Megan.

Megan’s officiant cancelled out on her about 1 week prior to the wedding!  Luckily, she contacted me!

The wedding took place at Old Santee Canal Park.

I am so glad I was able to step in, design a personalized ceremony, and perform it for this lovely couple on short notice!

I hope you enjoyed viewing the weddings!  I have decided to run a small contest… Simply vote for your “favorite” couple’s photo by leaving a comment below!  The couple with the most responses will receive a $50 gift card!!  Show some  love!!!

















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Fall Wedding Ideas, Decorating, and Flowers!

This weather has me in a Fall mood.  So when I was thinking what I should blog about, it seemed natural to choose Fall wedding ideas!  Of course Pinterest is an excellent resource.  You can follow my fall wedding board here.

Can you get any simpler than some hay bales, and carved pumpkins?  Throw a wedding theme at it like the photo above with “I do” carved or painted.  Here’s an idea, have the grooms last name on a large pumpkin on the tallest part of the stacked hay, and the “I do” on one side, and the date on the other.  What a gorgeous photo that would make!  You wouldn’t see that in every wedding book!  Many ideas can stem (pun intended) from this one idea!

Above are some centerpiece ideas.  Hollow out the pumpkin turning it into a bowl.  you can add ice and drinks to that!  You can add flowers to it.  Using the small pumpkins, add a candle ring and candle for a cute display!  Decorate a lantern with fall foliage and a candle!  Take a clear glass vase, color the water an orange or pumpkin shade, and place fall flowers in the vases.

Decorate your aisle at the ceremony site, or a pathway to the reception!

I love seeing the orange, yellow and deep reds of fall in the bridal bouquet!  Succulents add character and the green on the bottom 2 bouquets.

Fall wedding favors…  The hollowed out small pumpkin with marigolds!  How cute!  I think I would add some yellow to the flowers and have more of a mix in color, but that’s me.  The leaf bookmarks (or bottle openers, etc…) is a nice touch for the guest to remember.  Edible favors are very popular!  Candy or caramel apples is a cute idea.  Trail mix in a cute jar.  My favorite has to be the jelly bean pumpkin in top though!!  I can see that really making an impression on your guests!

What’s a wedding without cake?  Here are some beautiful cakes.  And how should you leave your fall wedding?  I vote for a tractor hay ride!!!

You can never go wrong incorporating the natural beauty of nature into your wedding and reception!

Take a moment to follow me on Pinterest, and leave a comment below with some ideas you have come up with for fall decorating!!



~Reynolds Treasures~

Fall candy bar?  🙂

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Sanctuary Hall and Gardens Charleston Wedding Venue


“Authentically Southern, Charmingly European, and Undeniably Original.”

With a claim like that, I had to check it out!  The Sanctuary Hall and Gardens is a new event venue for Charleston, SC located in Mount Pleasant. The property hosts three separate spaces with over 5300 square feet of air conditioned space accommodating over 300 guests! Small to grand, this location will sing to you!

The blue doors provide a stunning backdrop for a brides photo!  Once through the blue doors, you are in the grand hall and ballroom!

The photo to the Left is from the wedding area back towards the blue entrance doors.

While the image to the right is taken at the entrance.

“The Grand Hall & Ballroom exudes warmth and elegance, and offers a generous open floor plan of 2,400sf  for formal sit-down functions or informal affairs. Accommodates 120-150 seated or 200+ for a traditional Charleston “strolling” reception with seating for half along with cocktail tables. With soaring ceilings and windows reaching 28’ above ground, the open and airy space is bathed in natural light and views of the treetops. Oak floors, a marble entry hall and center aisle, coupled with a 600sf balcony with seating area and stage (or altar) complete the space. There are also two handsome mahogany closets that can double as wine or cocktail bars when tables and chairs are out. The architecture, lighting, audio-visual tools and design play a proper supporting role to you, your guests and your special event. The combination of elegance and flexibility make a beautiful backdrop for you to create the look and feel you want for the memorable events in your life.”

The large windows provide tons of natural light!!  The overlook area provides a great location for photographers!

The high detailed ceiling is just another detail that adds to the beauty!  

Downstairs is another reception location or a contingency location for a  garden wedding in incremental weather.

I love the blue ceiling!  The kitchen is available to make catering easier as well.









Let’s check out the garden space.  After all, Charleston is one of the best outdoor locations for weddings!

There is a patio area with a fountain, as well as the grass seating area by the gazebo.  (Speaking of which, they provide almost 100 chairs included in the building rental!) A closer look at the gazebo reveals a fan to stir the air for temperature as well as to keep the mosquitos and gnats down!

Behind the gazebo, bamboo and knock-out roses are planted.  By spring they should be taller than the fence.

To the right of the gazebo is a walkway through the barnett pear trees.

Although, they are green now, I can’t wait to see them in the spring with the white flowers!

This venue truly has a lot to offer at a very reasonable rate!  You can get more information by going to their website.

Please leave feedback if you have had a wedding here (or plan to!)



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Seating the VIP Family and the Recessional

The last blog in the “Aisle” series!  The first blog was about Who walks the bride down the aisle, while the second blog addressed How to walk down the aisle (holding the bouquet).  Last week’s blog (the third) was on the processional and setting the “stage”.

The last blog I left you hanging at what to do if your wedding party is not even.  In the photo above there are 3 groomsmen and 2 bridesmaids.  For the processional, the wedding officiant, groom, and groomsmen entered from the side.  Then the bridesmaid and maid of honor walked down the aisle, followed by the bride and her father.  So entering was not an issue, but typically the groomsmen and bridesmaid leave the ceremony together.  Now do you think the uneven sides create an issue?  Not at all!  Have fun with it!  The maid of honor and the best man walked up the aisle together.  The bridesmaid was “double” escorted, having a groomsmen on each arm!  As they came together at the start of the aisle, waiting for their turn each of the groomsmen kissed her cheek and she smiled like a cat with a mouse!  It was great, everyone loved it!

After the bride and Groom are pronounced husband and wife, and they have the first kiss.  They turn to their audience to be presented as Mr. and Mrs. Last Name.  At this point the recessional music should begin.  Proper recessional etiquette is the bride and groom exiting the ceremony. (The location they are going to will be determined at rehearsal.  The wedding party and VIP family meet for photos.) When the bride and groom get to the last row of chairs (or occupied pews) the best man and maid of honor step to the beginning of the aisle, arms linked ready to walk up the aisle.  They do not begin to walk until the bride and groom are completely out of sight.  Then the best man and maid of honor begin walking up the aisle.  When they get approximately halfway up the aisle, the groomsmen and bridesmaid step to the aisle and link arms.  Once the best man and maid of honor reach the last row of chairs (or last occupied pew) the groomsman and bridesmaid will begin to walk up the aisle.  This is repeated for however many groomsmen/bridesmaids are in the wedding party.  The flower girl and ring bearer then exit.


Here is where it changes a little.  The wedding minister can exit at this point, followed by the VIP family.  Then the guests leave the ceremony area and proceed to the reception.  The way I normally proceed, is after the ring bearer and flower girl, I step up and ask the VIP family to exit.  Once they are at the last row of chairs (or last occupied pew) I then announce to the guests that they can go to the reception, and give out any other announcement the newlyweds asked me to deliver.  I, then, join the couple for photos, and to sign the marriage license.




Whew!  Reception and Honeymoon time!!  LOL…

We are also going to discuss seating family members.  I will go with proper etiquette first, but remember you can customize this to fit your unique situations!  Before we get into that, let’s tackle the usher topic.  Typically the groomsmen are ushers.  However, you can appoint other family members if you want.  Now what does an usher do?  Remember from previous posts, location and tone play a part.  For a formal wedding, the ushers will escort all guests to be seated.  This can be done my linking arms (link left so he can shake the gentleman’s hand with his right), and escorting the lady with the gentleman following.  A less formal wedding the usher would simply say, “Follow me, please.” and walk ahead of the lady and gentleman, and lead them to the row they are to sit at.  A casual wedding, the groomsman will be staggered, welcoming the guests and pointing them in the direction of the chairs.  Elderly guests should be seated closer to the front, and handicapped guests at the end of a row or pew.


After the guest are seated.  The siblings of the bride and groom sit.  However the ushers treat the other guests, the siblings will be treated the same way.  The aisle is a “one-way street”.  Before the ceremony, you only walk down the aisle (towards the altar). After the ceremony the arrow shifts, and the “one-way” is up the aisle (away from the altar).  Therefore, when an usher escorts a guest or family member down the aisle, they have to circle around the outside to go up the aisle. See the diagram below:


Now we start the “official” seating of the VIP family.  First is grandparents.  The groom side is seated first, followed by the brides.  However, work with what you have.  In the case below, the bride had grandma and grandpa, while on the grooms side only grandpa. We felt it would be odd for grandpa to be escorted.  So, the groomsmen escorted grandma, followed by grandpa, and followed by groom’s grandpa.








Next we seat the parents.  Here is where it can get difficult if we have divorce and remarry situations.  Each situation should be discussed with the wedding planner or wedding officiant prior to, or at the rehearsal.  If World War 3 is not going to break out, seat them in the front row.  If parents are not going to play nice, then one set gets the front row, and the other gets the aisle seat on the third row.  You will want the aisle seat to mirror the other side.  For example if bride’s father will be sitting on the aisle seat first row (common after walking bride down) then the grooms dad needs to be on the aisle seat of the front row.  When I am helping a bride figure seating, I try to put the new spouses between the parents.  For example, if groom’s dad is on the aisle of the row, his spouse would be next to him, then the mother’s husband, and then the groom’s mom.  So in this example, the groom’s mother would be escorted (arm linked in ushers) with her husband following.  Once seated the groom’s father’s wife (mouthful) would be escorted with the father following.


Now the bride’s parents.  We use the same play nice rule as above.  We will assume the bride’s father is walking her down the aisle. If parents are divorced, and bride’s father is remarried, the wife would be seated first.  The bride’s mother is the last to be seated (can be followed by husband if remarried). I think it is a very nice touch when the groom escorts the bride’s mother!



You know the rest of the story….












I know your smiling!!  This wedding took place 9/8/12 at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.  Best Wishes to Allison and Jason!

Leave comment below if you have any questions, or shoot me an email (!

If you missed the first, second, or third blog in this series, check them out now!!












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The Processional and Other Aisle Advice

This is the 3rd blog in this series of 4 blogs about walking down the aisle. The 1st blog talked about WHO walks the bride down the aisle.  The 2nd blog discussed HOW the bride walked down the aisle (holding the bouquet, and timing).  This blog we are going to cover getting everyone else down the aisle!!

Let me start off by saying, I am going to tell you of the most traditional or most common processional.  However, you can put your own twists, or make adjustments.  For example, in the photo above you will notice 3 groomsmen and 2 bridesmaids!  Yep, it’s not even.  I will tell you how we worked that out later.   I am not putting these processions in any particular order.  Remember, your location and tone will play a part in this as well.

Processional A:  The Wedding Officiant  is in place.  Groom and Best Man walk down the aisle together, followed by the other groomsmen in pairs.  Once the groomsmen are in place, the bridesmaids walk down in pairs followed by the Maid of Honor, who walks alone.  Once all the “girls” are in place, the ring bearer and flower girl walk together.  Lastly, the bride and her escort walk down the aisle.

Processional B:  Same as above only done in singles instead of pairs.

Processional C:  The Wedding Minister is in place.  The Groom enters alone.  Bridesmaids and Groomsmen walk down the aisle as couples.  The maid of honor and best man walk down the aisle as a couple, followed by the flower girl and ring bearer walking together. The bride enters with her escort.

Processional D:  The wedding officiant is in place.  The groom, best man, and groomsmen walk down the aisle in a single line.  Bridesmaids walk in a single line (spaced out) followed by the maid of honor.  The ring bearer and flower girl walk in a single line, followed by the bride (with or without escort).

Processional E: Wedding Officiant, Groom, Best Man, and Groomsmen all enter from the side.  Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor, ring bearer, and flower girl walk down the aisle, followed by the bride (with or without escort).

Over the last year, I have seen Processional D & E the most.  To generalize, most guys don’t like walking down the aisle, while girls do!  LOL.  The way you enter the ceremony does not have to match have you leave the ceremony!

Other aisle considerations.  Footwear.  The shoes above are simply gorgeous.  No question about it.  However, I know I couldn’t walk in them!  I had a bride earlier in the year that lived in flip-flops but wanted to “strut it” in similar heels.  I warned her to practice, practice, practice walking in them.  She practiced some walking up and down the hallway of her house.  The wedding was in the garden at a bed and breakfast.  She had to walk down 5 steps, and then down a brick path to where the ceremony was held.  On step number 3, she lost her balance, and fell on her posterior!  Luckily, she did not twist her ankle, or ruin her dress.  If you are a flip-flop type of girl, you don’t want to risk your wedding day in shoes like these, no matter how gorgeous they are!

But you say that is not going to happen to you.  You wear heels all the time, and you have the perfect heels picked for your day.  Great!  If your on a solid surface.  This bride wore ballet slippers.  She wanted to be comfortable!  Her bridesmaid wanted to wear heels.  The bride thought ahead and provided stepping stones for them to prevent the heels from sinking in the grass.  However, the girls had an interesting time walking the aisle almost on tip-toes to prevent sinking.  There is a device made now called “heel savers” that is clear and about the size of a 50 cent piece that clips to heels to prevent sinking.  So you want to think about your location as well as your skill when it comes to footwear!

Next week’s blog will be the last in series and cover seating the parents and the recessional. Miss the first 2 blogs?  Click here for the first, and here for the second.

Please leave comment on some other processionals that you have seen or been a part of!!



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How to Walk Down the Aisle

Last week we discussed WHO walks the bride down the aisle.  This week we will discuss HOW to walk down the aisle!

You are about to take a once-in-a-lifetime walk. All your friends and family have eagerly awaited your arrival. You are the star. You’ll want to enjoy every minute, treasure every step, and see the loving, happy faces of all your loved ones. Scary and nervous feeling fill your body.  All eyes are on you, you briefly think of your hair and dress…  Needless to say, it is the moment you dreamed of, and now the moment you most fear!!

As an officiant, I have watched many brides walk down the aisle.  And before you know it, she’s joined her husband-to-be right in front of me, anxious to say her vows. The historic walk is over in a few moments.

My First advise…  This is YOUR moment.

When your song is played, (I love when couples choose non-traditional songs), take a deep breath and FEEL your moment.  Listen to a few cords of the music, smell the scent of your flowers, look at your escort, and SMILE!  You have primped for hours before this moment, and you are gorgeous!!  Take your time walking down the aisle!  At this point ALL eyes are on YOU, and it is all YOU!  The rest of your day will be as a unit, so savor this moment!

Second advise:  Holding the bouquet.

Most brides are so nervous, they tend to clutch their bouquets to their chests and hurry forward. Don’t be that bride. This is the way you should come down the aisle:

Take a deep breath, or a few, before presenting yourself to your guests. As you reach the place where the guests will see you for the first time, stop and stand for a few seconds and take another deep breath. If someone is walking you down the aisle, let him know you’re going to do this so he doesn’t leap forward without you.

Drop your shoulders. Bring your bouquet down to your waist or a bit lower; it actually looks best held lower than you think you should hold it. Let everyone see the top of your dress. Your elbows should rest lightly on your hips, and your hands tilted downward.

Third advise: Photographer.  Talk to your photographer about where they want you to pause for the lighting, and photo composition!  You want the best photos of this moment, so communicate with your photographer.  If you pause where a red color is streaming through a stained glass window, your photo could be affected!

Now begin your walk more slowly than feels comfortable. Everyone wants to see you and look at your beautiful face and gown. Take the time, during your nice slow walk, to look at the people who have come to celebrate with you. Look at your groom. There’s no rush…it’s all about you. Make your pauses at the correct locations.

When you’re about to meet your groom, again, take your time to give your dad (or whomever has had the honor of walking you down the aisle), a respectful thank you. This person is someone very special in your life and you’ll feel bad if you ditch him too quickly (and so will he).

Then give yourself time to enjoy joining your husband-to-be and moving toward the

By not rushing and enjoying these first important minutes of your big day, you will be giving yourself and your guests the gift of time and respect. You will never regret taking a few extra minutes at the beginning of your lives together.

Stick around for next weeks topic…  Other Aisle Advice and the Processional.



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Who Walks the Bride Down the Aisle

Traditionally the father walks the bride down the aisle. Brides still ask their fathers to walk them down the aisle and fathers still give their daughters away to the man standing at the altar. However, things can get a little complicated when the bride comes from a non-traditional background. What happens when a bride’s parents are divorced and she shares a close relationship with her stepfather? What if the bride is estranged from her father for personal reasons? What if her father is deceased or otherwise unavailable? What if the bride simply feels that it would be archaic to be given away? Suddenly, that picture perfect moment of father and bride walking down the aisle starts to make less sense than it did before.

Here are some other options for today’s brides:

If a bride’s parents are divorced and one or both are remarried: Under these circumstances, a bride can choose to fall back on tradition and have her father escort her up the aisle. If the bride is closer to her stepfather, she may want to ask him instead, although if her biological father has stepped up to pay for the wedding, she should take that into account. Some brides have asked their stepfathers to walk them halfway down the aisle, where they meet their father and continue to walk the aisle escorted by him. If your father and stepfather have a friendly relationship, you could ask them both to walk you down the aisle, one on each arm.



A bride may also ask her mother to escort her down the aisle.

If a bride’s father is estranged or deceased and the bride does not have a stepfather or wish to be escorted by him: A bride may be escorted by a grandfather or favorite uncle.


The bride can ask her brother to escort her. Sarah rode her horse 1/2 way down the aisle, then her brother walked her the rest of the way!


Another modern solution has the bride being presented at one end of the aisle and then escorted by the groom, who walks down the aisle to meet her. Kayla walked to the edge of the seating, then paused, while the groom left the altar to met her, and escort her to the altar.


If the bride does not wish to be given away, but does not want to offend her parents: Ask your parents to escort each other, or (if remarried) to escort their spouses down the aisle. The bride can walk down the aisle herself to the altar.

Second marriage, or have a child?  Have the child walk you down the aisle!  Elizabeth had her son walk her down the aisle!


Bottom line, it is YOUR day!!  Discuss with your wedding planner and wedding officiant your desires, and let them guide you on how to inform parents to try to prevent hurt feelings.  Most brides, with a dynamic family choose to go with a bridal transfer.  They can still choose to have someone walk them down the aisle (or not). However, instead of the escort standing upfront through the opening prayer, and then being asked “Who has the honor of giving this woman to this man?” (or similar words), the escort, acknowledges both the bride and groom (hug/kiss bride, then hug/shake hand of groom), then they are seated.  After the opening prayer, I ask the parents of the bride and parents of the groom to please stand.  Some couples to choose to add a brother or sister to have them stand as well.  Then we thank the parents for their  love, support, and guidance and ask then to approve the marriage and continue to offer their love and support.  They in unison rely “we will”.  This prevents any parent or step parent from feeling left out.  I have had brides say “no step parents”, and have had to talk to the parents at the rehearsal explaining that when I ask parents to stand, they are to remain seated.  Regardless of your circumstance your wedding planner and wedding officiant should be able to help you achieve the ceremony you envision.

To receive sample ceremonies to read the exact wording on different bridal giveaways, click on the photo below.




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How Will You Leave Your Wedding Ceremony or Reception?


You have planned the colors, chosen the location, went to all the tastings, found the DJ that plays the music you want, but have you thought of your exit?  Of course the theme and location should be considered.  The most common means of transportation is a limousine.


You can choose traditional like the photo above, or maybe something a different….









How about renting an antique or classic car?














Or a cool convertible???


If your wedding is downtown Charleston (or many other places) a horse-drawn carriage might be the route to go!

Wedding or reception by the water?  How about a boat exit?  




Of course you could get fancier and have a sailboat waiting on the pier or dock for you!! 




Rustic wedding?  Fall Wedding?  I have just thing for you!!!


A tractor ride!!!

How about leaving by air?  Hot air balloon?  Helicopter?







If you have different locations for the ceremony and receptions, you may need to decide on 2 methods of transportation.  For example, If your ceremony is held at White Point Gardens in Charleston, and your reception is at The Rooftop Bar, You may want to leave the ceremony by horse-drawn carriage, then picked up by a limousine to get back to your hotel.   If your wedding or reception location is difficult to find, think of your guests, and hire a shuttle.  Now you don’t have to worry about anyone getting lost and everyone will be on time!  With all the details put into your wedding, don’t forget to plan your grand exit!!!

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